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How best to run a lot of accounts in the work?

  • Every day, about ten people take tests for various resources, and the results are absolutely different for everyone. Current customers are usually treated only for the extension and the subtlety of working with Instagram we do not disclose, again the software is different for everyone.
  • It is best to use one channel under the account, you can use multiple accounts on one channel.
  • Alternate different channels on the account is not recommended, because One channel is one operator and one city. If you have a group of channels with one city, then you can alternate.
  • In 10 minutes, an IP change takes place, but, let's say, in 10 minutes I don’t have time to complete 50 subscriptions for 1 account, then the IP will change, can I work on another ip with the same account?

How much maximum can one use for one channel at a time? And how many akkov a maximum on one IP at the same time?

If your software does not reveal you or the behavior of your account in the network, then the limit will be only in speed.