What is the difference between flow and session | connect | connections?

  • A connection is the number of simultaneous connections from your software to our server.
  • A stream is a collection of connections within a single instance of your software.
  • We limit the number of connections on public ports for one client, the limit is 100 connections, on the personal ports there is no such restriction on our part, but the telecom operator may limit the number of connections.
  • At public ports, the speed is distributed evenly among clients, at the personal port the client fully utilizes the resources of the port, while the speed is not limited to us in any other case.
  • We recommend that customers select the number of streams empirically, there is no and there can not be a single standard.

Can I always use a unique PI? In other services, the total cannot always be used unique, we cannot guarantee the unique 30℅ 100% uniqueness on the day of the repetition, for two reasons: 1. The ip address is assigned by the operator himself, and he sometimes repeats, but this is a rare occurrence, rather the exception the rules. 2. The number of addresses has some final value, which means that sooner or later they will begin to repeat. But in practice, in the context of the day you get almost always a unique address.